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If you would like to use the Nature’s Quick-Dry brand for your own green carpet-cleaning business please review the following paragraph.

It is my goal to turn “Nature’s Quick-Dry into a widely known national brand, right up there with Chem-Dry, Stanley Steemer and the like. Many people searching for green carpet cleaning will find their way to this website, where those of you who elect to use the words “Nature’s Quick-Dry” in you company name will be identified, complete with contact information. Our Social Media Marketing campaign will further the public awareness of the NQD brand. If you so desire, you may use the words “Nature’s Quick-Dry”, as well as our logo as it appears on this website. You are not obliged to do so. If you prefer to go into business as, for example, “Mike’s Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning” or “Two Sisters Carpet and FloorCare”, with a logo of your own design, that is your right. If you would like to use “Nature’s Quick-Dry” in your company name: for example, “Nature’s Quick Dry of Ann Arbor”, there will be an annual fee, payable to Nature’s Quick-Dry, of $100 to do so. The first year is free. Please make sure you selected “Yes” for the “Use Nature’s Quick-Dry Brand?” box on the product page and checked the box on the checkout page if you plan to use the words “Nature’s Quick-Dry” and our logo, to identify your carpet and floor service.