Starting Your Own Business

Can I Start My Own Business?

The decision to start your own business can be a difficult one.  For anyone who has never done it before, there will be doubts.
Many doubts. Do I really “have what it takes” to start up and run my own business?  Do I have enough cash, other liquid assets,
and credit to do something like this?  How will I support myself, and – if I have one – my family, during the time the new business
is just getting going?  What type of business should I try to get into?  What will people think?  Will they laugh at me?  Will they
try to discourage me?  Will they weaken my confidence by saying things like “What do you know about running a business?”  Where will
I go to try and get someone to help me with the challenges and problems that always arise in the running of a business?  Should I
instead buy someone else’s business that’s already up and running? Should I buy a franchise using a business model that has been
successful for someone else?  Should I look into a business opportunity type of program, which is less controlling than a franchise,
less expensive, but possibly less tested?

No one can answer all of these questions for you. Some people can help you find some of the answers, but no one but yourself can make
the final decision.  It you are to really do this, you will have to move forward with some information but not all of the facts.
You will have to act based upon a combination of your own self-confidence and your recognized abilities.  You will, of course,
need as many facts as you can gather.  You will also need to identify the types of business that you can (1) get comfortable with
(2) really like, or (3) even love.   There are always going to be some lucky ones who manage to avoid being employed by others by
turning a hobby, or a strong personal interest, into a business.  Then there are those who take a one or a series of aptitude tests,
and then use this information to narrow down the list of possible businesses to pursue.  And then there are those people, who, finding
themselves employed in a business that is not particularly well run, say, “I could do this better than these guys, and that’s
exactly what I’m going to do”.

So, you can see, people come to the businesses they start, or buy from someone else, in a great number of ways.  Both the excitement
involved, and the fear, come from the unknown.  But if you really want to be your own boss, and not spend your entire life having
other people tell you what to do every day, you will just have to bite the bullet and go do it.  The alternative is, at an advanced
age, to realize that you never tried to pursue your dreams and that feeling is likely to be worse than your having tried your hand
in your own business, and failed.

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