How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business | My Story

How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business | My Story

Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business

Let me talk to you, one on one, about what it takes to start a carpet cleaning business.
What I have to say could relate to other kinds of businesses as well, but since I started my own business in the field of carpet cleaning, it’s what I am best able to communicate about.

When Is A Good Time To Get Started?

First of all, there’s no perfect time to start your own carpet cleaning business. You could start it early in life, just after wrapping up your formal education, at whatever level – high school, college, whatever. At this time in your young life, you are free to make decisions that won’t be as easy to make later in life, after family obligations have come into being.
You can start your carpet cleaning business anywhere you wish, whether it’s in your own home town, the place to which you moved to attend college, or a place you’ve always thought about living – maybe Hawaii of some town near the Rockies.


Staring A Carpet Cleaning BusinessOr you could start this business later in life, after trying a few other things along the way. This is what I did. I had spent 20+ years working for various city governments, as an urban planner. Much of it was interesting and challenging work, and I could think of myself as a professional. But after this amount of time dealing in complex
local political situations, I decided I wanted to do something else with my remaining working years. I wanted to give the private sector a try. But working in city government doesn’t allow you build a big bankroll, so I knew I needed to look at the types of businesses that I could start with limited funds. I chose carpet cleaning as it fitted my budget.

Some people wait until much later in life to follow their dream, that of owning and operating their own business. I have sold Nature’s Quick-Dry carpet cleaning equipment packages to people who were approaching, or who were already in civilian or military retirement. They still felt strong and vital, and the prospect of working daily with carpet cleaning equipment was not so much a problem as it was for these people a challenge to be embraced. My own experience (I started my carpet cleaning business in 1990, and am still out there every day making my customers happy, working my mind and my muscles, and taking home nice amounts of cash and checks.) I did a job just a couple of days ago for a long-time repeat customer who likes me come to her very high-end house once a year to clean her large collection of high quality oriental and other area rugs. I was there from between the hours of 8 AM and 1 PM, and as I was leaving she was thanking me as she wrote me out a check for just under $1250. These days I only go to the gym for exercise on those rare days when I don’t have appointments. I tell my customers that their home, or business premises, is my gym.

So, you see, you can choose to start a carpet cleaning business of your own no matter what stage of life you may be in. With my Nature’s Quick-Dry business start-up program, you can purchase everything you need to offer high-quality professional services, delivered in a healthy way, for less than $3000. If you have faith in your abilities to work smart and hard for your growing base of very happy customers, then now is the best time for you to get started.

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