Do I Need To Hire Employees For My Carpet Cleaning Business?

Can I start a carpet cleaning business with no employees?

Transcript from video:

How many people were on, how many? Well, we’ll start with employees. How many employees that I need to get started? Can I just stop this when I saw your story itself and as you’re able to generate business, uh, through your marketing, uh, you might want to add people you may want and then just put yourself in the office and have one or two people to do all your work. You want to train them? Well, you want them to be courteous, so the other face of your business now, not you. When you’re in the face of your business, you’re very concerned with being a, you know, glued matters and treating your customer right during the drive, right? As you get bigger than you, you have to manage it as a business more than doing it by yourself. And you know, what’s a good, you know, a good customer base for common planning to make a living on.

How many customers would I need to have? I know you said Ali, um, it’s about 75 to $9,500 an hour. Well, it depends. It all depends on, it depends somewhat on the neighborhoods or the cities and towns that have access, uh, those with higher income are going to be more likely to be your customers because you’re the green guy, not just the a carpet cleaner who was trying to sell cheap carpet cleaning and you’re the quality guy and your dry carpet cleaning the little low moisture quick dry carpet cleaning. So you’ve got a lot of things going for you. I think the most important thing going on is the fact that you are healthy and you’re using green products and you’re not bringing chemicals into the house. Now it depends upon whether you are doing this part time. You can only handle so many customers part-time.

And if you’re, if you’re grossing around $100 an hour and you can generate about a, let’s say a normal person on a job where it’s about 2000 hours a year, right? So maybe a year to actually about a thousand of. So the equivalent of working about a half a day and if you’re a, you bring in $100 an hour for a thousand hours in a year than your grocery, around 100,000, you’re going to have expenses against that. But that’s still working about cards. I’m actually on the job. Yeah. See that, sort of clarify the protection. OK. So, um, you talked a little bit about like add on services that you could, w w, what are the types of services or carpet cleaning, um, will be your, you’ll be it as a carpet cleaning business. You’ll do wall-to-wall carpeting do area rugs, including quite valuable orientals. A, you will do stair carpeting, um, many people in this business, clean upholstery as well. You’ll already have the equipment in my package to clean upholstery. You’ll be able to read very to clean tile and grout Flores with the equipment you have and you may want to go on to do a odor elimination types of services. Um, the new device, and I’ll tell you about this man or this or that. I’m using kills mold odor and has a great sanitizing disinfecting kind of ability to it.


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