How Much Will It Cost To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

How much money do I need to start A carpet cleaning business?

What are the typical costs, and I know there’s different types of carpet cleaning equipment and um, what are the startup costs and like compared like I know you do like green carpet cleaning, so is that more expensive than the typical, like in regular comp or cleaning because it’s a green system or is it, um, you know, the same price or. I think it’s less, um, I use a interesting combination, combination of low moisture carpet cleaning, which means very quick drive or convenient for the customer along with all natural cleaning products. That’s a nice niche to be in. You’re not bringing chemicals into the customer’s home. Many people are concerned about chemicals in their home and they want to get chemicals out, chemicals out of their home. Chemicals are associated with asthma, with autism, with breathing difficulties, with cancer, with all sorts of things. So the cleaner your business can be a in the absence of chemicals, I think the stronger you’re going to be with the market, particularly with the Hydra higher demographic side of the market.

People who spend money on green and healthy are more likely to have more spending money. They’re more likely to be hiring people to do the sort of work somebody else might go into the supermarket and rent that, uh, a green Dr Green Dr, or Dr Sam, uh, to do their carpet cleaning a, they’re not your customer, they’re trying to do it all themselves. So one of the soft costs for, uh, the prices of my packages run mainly between 2000 and $3,000. Now, if you were to go into the hot water extraction side of carpet cleaning, you’d be looking to spend several times that you’d need a pretty heavy truck. A, you’d need some pretty heavy duty equipment unless you were buying somebody’s old junk from somebody who try to make a business out of hot water extraction, carpet cleaning, but didn’t make it. And who knows how well that’s going to hold up.

But for two to $3,000, you could pretty much fully equip yourself in my system. Then that’s. So the cost of signing this would be the equipment. Do you need a special vehicle? And a special. But I know that the hot water extraction has seen those vans was all austen equipment in it. Wouldn’t you need a van, like a big truck to your equipment and you could start it with a smaller vehicle. A station where I got in the small suv have I use Honda element of quite nicely. Small suv carries virtually everything and not virtually about everything I need, including extra machines for larger jobs, um, to the mission. And the vehicle doesn’t need to be expensive. And uh, yeah, the cost two to 3000 plus a vehicle, you’ve got to have a vehicle to get around, right? Why you gotta be going to be driving something, make it something that has some room in the back that carry equipment. I should be clean and neat looking. You don’t want to rush the bucket to pull up in front of her customer’s house. So you’ve gotta have something, doesn’t have to be new, but it should be kept clean and neat or have your sign on it. Not much more complicated than that.


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