What Made You Decide To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business?

Why I decided to start a carpet cleaning business.

What made you decide to start a carpet cleaning business? you gotta be you gotta, keep in mind how much capital you’re going to require now working in the public sector, mainly facilities. You don’t get to build up a huge bank account. You’re working in the public sector. Uh, so I had to work within my own means. So I looked at various industries and I felt that I could equip myself pretty well and start out in this particular business and that expanded as I was able to adding other services, which I have done. OK, great. Um, so you talked a little bit of all the good capital insomnia’s it’s low. This is what it is. What are some other reasons why the carpet cleaning business is a good business to stop? Well, you, it used to be just carpet cleaning carpets now are in competition with other types of floor surface materials.

A wood floors are coming back as a fair amount of tile. So if you can make some of these in, as I’ve managed to do in my business, uh, you can do the carpet cleaning and I manage other services with partner businesses into my own business. Uh, I partnered with a wood floor refinishing guy and I partnered with a marble floor refinisher. So if I see opportunities in a customers home or business where this work needs to be done, I can call on one of these guys and have a good chance of getting that. I also do under my carpet cleaning hat you might say upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. Also in the process of adding new services in, sanitizing, disinfecting and odor elimination with some new equipment better recently. Um.


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