Nature’s Quick-Dry Announces Breakthrough in Cleaning Science and Technology!

Nature’s Quick-Dry has become the first source in the carpet cleaning industry where someone can obtain an Immerse-a-Clean (IAC). The IAC is a brand new device from Geneon Technologies ( which will allow carpet cleaning to become even Greener than Green. And it achieves this goal without sacrificing any of the great results already obtainable with the use of standard or green cleaning products. With an Immerse-a-Clean, you will now be able to generate, in your office or on a job site, a terrific true-green cleaning product, from just ordinary tap water, a brief jolt of electricity, and a pinch of salt. At a cost of pennies per gallon.

In fact, your IAC will allow you, in just a couple of minutes, to create several gallons any of three great cleaning products:

  1. a heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser, (makes a great carpet pre-spray),
  2. a lighter-duty glass and general-purpose cleaner, and
  3. a super-effective sanitizer/disinfectant and odor neutralizer.

Now, I know, if you are not yet familiar with the science behind it, this must all sound like alchemy, black magic, “Scam-ville”, and perhaps the ravings of a certified, card-carrying, full moon-obsessed lunatic.

immerse-a-clean partnerEngineered Water (EW) is the term being most frequently applied to the product that is generated by the Immerse-a-Clean. Others might call it Electrically-Activated Water (EAW). Whatever language you want to use, EW/EAW is already being effectively used in many industries with severe cleaning challenges. In addition to its effectiveness as a cleaner and sanitizer, another distinct advantage of EW is its complete lack of cleaning solution residue left behind in the carpet. It is precisely this residue which has long been the bane of the entire carpet cleaning industry, as it is what causes recently-cleaned carpets to quickly attract new soil. Engineered Water, as generated by the Immerse-a-Clean device, leaves behind only water, which 100% evaporates. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, would you rather hire a carpet cleaner whose dated, chemical-based cleaning method leads to rapid resoiling, or the one, with the smarter science behind him or her, with the ability to enable your rugs and carpeting to stay clean longer?

We at Drysdale’s/Nature’s Quick-Dry have been using our IAC on many recent jobs – residential, commercial, wool, synthetic – and have yet to see results any less satisfactory than those obtained with our usual green cleaning products. EW, as quickly and easily generated by the Immerse-a-Clean device, is smarter, cheaper, and just plain better. Get ready to leave behind the cleaning methods of the 20th century.

I am neither a scientist nor a science teacher. More of a researcher, practical experimenter and trial & error guy.. If you are in need of further assurance that much of your work can now be accomplished using Engineered Water instead of your favorite detergents, soaps, solvents, etc., you should read through the articles and studies at If you find this collection of articles and studies from university labs, scholarly science journals, private research labs, and such US Government agencies as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to be kind of tough going, then just do an online search combining the terms “engineered water” and “cleaning” and see what comes up. Then you be the judge.

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