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When a business makes a claim that it is “green”, what is it really trying to say about itself?  What is it trying to
make you think about that business, and its products or services?  “Green” has become one of our culture’s hot marketing
buzzwords. Green can mean next to nothing, or it can mean that a business’s operations, products, and/or services are healthy,
energy-conserving, and sustainable for the long term.  There is both TRULY GREEN, and, unfortunately, all to often, if
you look closely, there are green claims that are nothing but GREENWASHING – total and dishonest hype.

A green carpet cleaning business would, first and foremost, have stopped using synthetic, possibly toxic, standard, off-the-shelf
commercial cleaning chemicals.  It would have replaced these with cleaning products made with either inert minerals or derived from
plants.  Beyond that, it may also have switched its vehicles from gasoline-powered to all-electric, or at least to hybrid power.
It would recycle all of the plastic containers it acquires each time it buys more liquid cleaning concentrates, as well as the cardboard shipping containers in which the plastic bottles are delivered.  Further, it might cut back, or even cease altogether
carrying out advertising programs which involve thousands of paper or cardboard fliers, circulars, or door hangers, replacing
these with creative email, social media, and personal networking-based marketing initiatives.

A carpet cleaning business could also consider adopting new, technically cutting-edge methods of producing its own green, residue-free cleaning products, in the form of ionized or electrically-activated tap water.  This technology has already made strong inroads in many other industries throughout the developed world, and in limited situations has proved equal to the task of cleaning and sanitizing carpeting, rugs, upholstery fabrics, and hard-surface floors. In addition to being as green a cleaner as water alone (which is what it is),  electrically-activated water also eliminates the so-called carbon trail associated with both the manufacture and shipping of cleaning products in plastic bottles. Adoption of this technology also avoids so many of these plastic containers ending up in landfills, streams and rivers, and the world’s oceans. For an example of this technology at work, visit www.naturesquickdry.com/immerse-a-clean/

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