Are There Any Franchise Fees With The Natures Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning System?

Is Natures Quick Dry A Carpet Cleaning Franchise?

Video Transcription:

With  Natures Quick Dry, are there any like franchise fees with it or anything like that? So it was, you know, what type of business setup is not a franchise, a, there were no franchise fees, there are commissions that are paid, you basically buy or a package of carpet cleaning equipment, supplies and training materials and I think pretty much based on that you’ll be able to get your business going. You have the freedom to innovate as you see fit. And um, I am happy to help people on the phone after the fact after you bought your package, I’d done that with many people or by email until you’re pretty much, it’s sort of like putting training wheels on you and holding you and so as you can get on the sidewalk and then pretty soon you don’t do the training wheels that you don’t need me anymore. Um, do you have any, the training that goes with your packages, is that because, or do you have training and is there a cost?

The additional cost of training? I have a carpet cleaning training manual that I include in the package. There is no separate training here on premises or I don’t travel to you to train you, but it’s pretty quick. A study kind of thing. You will need a lot of a hands-on training for me. You’ll, you’ll see it. I’ll point out some videos where you can see this being done and adjust as I picked us up in no time you can show. So the. So if I was just a complete beginner like I’m getting into this business, I’ve never cleaned one cop, maybe even vacuum the carpet, I would be able to, you know, get, get going with that. Hundreds of people have. And I saw hundreds of these packages and no one’s ever got back saying, I just don’t know how to use this thing. Uh, no one’s ever tried to return one of the main machines, which is called the challenger machine. Um, you would be able to go right out and do it. Very simple, very short learning curve.

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