What Do Your Customers Like About Your Carpet Cleaning Service?

Do customers prefer a green carpet cleaning company?

I think that they, like, they like, they like personal service, they like the fact that I’m a, I’m not adding chemicals to their, their home, they’re concerned about their children or older people in the home or, or the dogs and pets, pets. They liked the convenience that they don’t have weight carpets for two or three days drying out after the carpet has been playing with a traditional, a steam pipe, a carpet cleaning process. I think those are the main benefits that my customers like. OK. And um, so we’ve talked about a little bit about, you know, your dry mouth and then we’ve talked about the hot water extraction. So can you just go over like the pros and cons of each one? Um, I’m not sure if I can give you pros for steam carpet cleaning. That’s kind of from last uh, century, uh, that there are people still doing it.

It’s still makes up like 90 percent of the industry. I think there are more drawbacks to it then there are pluses a, but of course people will argue this endlessly as like our religion and politics and um, and, and what you’d like to eat for breakfast. But I think people who, who used nature’s quick dry method will find that they have a very, very viable system and they’re a great alternative to what’s available with most of the companies offering very wet cleaning, probably using nasty chemicals. So I think just quick dry gives you a real, a real marketing, a real foothold. The real liver up. You were saying like, you know, with the, with the steam of the hot water extraction, does that take longer to dry then like so that they can’t use the accounting quite a bit longer to dry a can take a couple of days to fully dry out if it’s done well, it dries quicker than that, but it’s not always done well. A lot of the carpet cleaning industry relies upon not terribly well trained, not terribly highly motivated people hired on somebody truck. So there be a lot of water in the carpet. Yup. And then, so you can’t even really use the competent that point. Very clued can. But if we’re going to go on the research question, so would the, would the nature’s quick dry met? It’s, you can use it immediately. You can use it soak, soaking wet. OK.


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