Who Should Consider Entering This Business?

Anyone who believes that he or she would generally be happier and more productive owning his or her own business is a good candidate. Working for one’s self will nearly always lead to a better effort put forth, a higher level of creativity, and more determination to succeed than will working for someone else.

Anyone who is currently working for someone else, yet still has some time during a typical week to try advancing his own enterprise, should consider this. Even if you have only weekend hours to respond to requests for service, this could still work for you. Just your first few jobs will repay your entire capital investment in my Package.

What Kind of Arrangement Will Exist Between Nature’s Quick-Dry and a Purchaser of One of My Packages?

First of all, Nature’s Quick-Dry is not a franchise. No heavy up-front capital costs; no fees; no percentage of every job being sent to the franchisor, etc. You are under no obligation to buy the products that will enable you to offer “green” environmentally-friendly services. You can be free to make up and use your own business name: Fred’s Carpet Cleaning; South Portland Carpet Cleaning; Two Sisters Carpet Care; or whatever you wish to call your business. You may already own and operate a business in the same or a related field, and simply wish to add the type of carpet cleaning we perform to what you already offer.





license your own business




With the Challenger, getting great carpet cleaning results is child’s play.

What Can I Tell You That Would Help You to Better Understand my Nature’s Quick-Dry Program?