Who Should Consider Entering This Business?

Anyone who believes that he or she would generally be happier and more productive owning his or her own business is a good candidate. Working for one’s self will nearly always lead to a better effort put forth, a higher level of creativity, and more determination to succeed than will working for someone else.

Anyone who is currently working for someone else, yet still has some time during a typical week to try advancing his own enterprise, should consider this. Even if you have only weekend hours to respond to requests for service, this could still work for you. Just your first few jobs will repay your entire capital investment in my Package.

What Kind of Arrangement Will Exist Between Nature’s Quick-Dry and a Purchaser of One of My Packages?

First of all, Nature’s Quick-Dry is not a franchise. No heavy up-front capital costs; no fees; no percentage of every job being sent to the franchisor, etc. You are under no obligation to buy the products that will enable you to offer “green” environmentally-friendly services. You can be free to make up and use your own business name: Fred’s Carpet Cleaning; South Portland Carpet Cleaning; Two Sisters Carpet Care; or whatever you wish to call your business. You may already own and operate a business in the same or a related field, and simply wish to add the type of carpet cleaning we perform to what you already offer. If you do choose to go along this unaffiliated path, you will still be free to access and participate in the Nature’s Quick-Dry Forum. You can learn a lot there, and may contribute a lot of good information as well.

On the other hand, if you believe in and want to commit to offering the healthiest carpet cleaning and related services yet available to the public, you may well want to do this under the Nature’s Quick-Dry name. If you choose this option, you will commit to using, as your standard cleaning product, one of the green cleaning products which we use in our own service business, or a comparable product of your own choice. We are currently using Challenger’s Orbit Natural, and Vacaway’s Encap Green. There are many out there, and new ones are coming along frequently.

In addition, you may also choose to carry with you to job sites a supply of more traditional, chemical-based cleaning products, for use in those rare situations where you feel the greener products are not quite getting you the results you want. But, since you are operating under the NQD banner, we ask that you agree to first inform your customer of the situation you believe you face, and ask if he or she is OK with your using something other than green products to resolve a specific problem. Let the customer decide. To some, the degree of “clean” you are able to achieve will be less important than staying strictly “green”. Others will say “Use whatever you think will best clean the carpet”. EMPOWER THE CUSTOMER! Customers are not accustomed to being given decision-making power from a service provider. They will love it that you asked, and in all likelihood you will become the person they turn to the next time their carpets need cleaning.

If you do wish to operate under the NQD name (for example, Nature’s Quick-Dry/Santa Monica) there will be a $100 per year licensing fee for you to do so – FIRST YEAR FREE. In return, your business’ name and contact information will be displayed on the “Want Green Carpet Cleaning?” page of the NQD website. It is my intention to build Nature’s Quick-Dry into a nationally known brand, and you will be getting in on the ground floor. You will be able to use the NQD logo and name in all of your marketing materials, including vehicle signage. NQD is in the early stages of a multi-pronged social media marketing effort, aimed at getting our name out and up there among the leaders of our industry. This will be to our benefit as well as to yours. Once agreed, you and I will then sign a simple contract in line with these terms.




license your own business



With the Challenger, getting great carpet cleaning results is child’s play.

What Can I Tell You That Would Help You to Better Understand my Nature’s Quick-Dry Program?