Carpet Cleaning Equipment – What Do I Need?

Gree Carpet Cleanig Equipment

All right, let me tell you a little bit about the equipment. We’d do just about everything we do, using what’s called orbital or oscillating floor machines and hand the machines. Oscillating means the machine kind of hums or vibrates. Um, it’s, uh, it creates a sort of scrubbing pattern with terry cloth or microfiber pads used with the machines and the Terry cloth or the microfiber. I’m sure the soil is created by the agitation that you’re getting from the oscillating floor machine, two sizes of machines, a large and one small one for tighter areas and a small one that we use for carpeted stair cleaning and upholstery cleaning. So that’s kind of a, we’re oscillating the interviews and the industry is OK for orbital pad or oscillating pattern, but we have a very interesting or exciting new machine that I’ve been testing. Um, I heard about a year, a couple years ago from a friend.

I have a friend who drinks alkaline water. He drinks it for health purposes. People who drink alkaline water from a device that they hook up to their kitchen sinks say that this makes them healthier and I don’t drink alkaline water, but I use it as a cleaning product. Now it’s totally green. It’s water that has had a trace of salt added to it and an electrical current run through her from two very specific electrodes in the water. The electrodes are titanium and platinum. What happens when you introduce electricity into plain old tap water is two things happen. One, you take the alkalinity and you push it way up from its alkalinity is Ph, which is where the water is neutral or alkaline or acid. With this does it takes neutral tap water with a Ph of about seven and pushes it up to around 11 and a half, which is what you get when you added encourage detergent, but we do a with electricity and without detergent.

What it also does is it acts on the water as if you had added a water softening chemical to it. It makes the water softer, thinner, more viscous, so it’s better able to penetrate into areas where the soil is. We do this all with plain water and electricity. You don’t need this device which is about a $2,500 device in the business, but it lets you never have to buy cleaning products again for a one time investment and it makes you angry and as you possibly can be green because there’s. There’s no carbon trail in the sense of manufacturing and cleaning products and those shipping planting products. There’s no bottling up cleaning products in millions of plastic jugs. We’d end up out in the landfill or body of water down the street or in the ocean or that sort of thing. So it’s sort of like double green, triple agreeing kind of planning and when, when you’re done with the job, there’s no residue from detergent left in the carpet. Residue left in the carpet from detergents and soaps is what makes the carpet resort will work quickly. You’ve been using water, so when the job was done in the water evaporates and there’s no reservoir. They are. The customer loves that because their carcass don’t get cleaned.


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