You Can Do This!

The equipment that you can begin using if you purchase my Business Start-up Package is inexpensive to buy and as simple to operate as a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower.

Own Your Business

Unlike a franchise’s requirement that you pay them a stiff annual franchise fee, and probably some percent of your gross sales, with Nature’s Quick-Dry, you’re the boss and all profits go directly to you.


Make the switch to cleaning products based wholly or primarily on natural ingredients, which are free of all the toxins, chemical solvents, and other nasty stuff contained in traditional commercial cleaning products. And odor-free as well.

Attractive Earnings

After purchasing your Package of equipment, supplies, and training materials you pay only one low licensing fee per year to remain a Nature’s Quick Dry affiliated business.

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Electrical Engineering Meets Plain Water to Bring Carpet Cleaning into the 21st Century!

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Why Nature’s Quick-Dry Makes Steam Cleaning a Quaint Relic of the Last Century

The primary tool in my Package is the Challenger Pad Machine. While it may look somewhat like a standard 175-RPM rotary floor buffer, it is decidedly different. It is lighter, and therefore easier to operate and move about than a 175 machine. The main difference is in its operating style and speed. Its pad driver scrubs at 1750-RPM, or OPM. What is OPM? It stands for Orbits per Minute. An orbit is a small (under an inch) orbital or elliptical scrubbing movement, which agitates carpet fiber far more aggressively than the 175 machines are able to do. And since agitation is a key part of the cleaning process, results are decidedly better. The Challenger Pad Machine is able to run on and on, year after year, with minimal need for attention, maintenance or repair. Totally unlike the headaches you might experience in maintaining something as complex as a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.


Get Started Today

The Nature’s Quick-Dry process is versatile enough that you will be able to serve and satisfy both residential and commercial customers. Order one of our packages to get your own business started today. The Challenger Pad Machine is a durable machine that can clean and maintain a variety of different surfaces. Anyone who believes that he or she would generally be happier and more productive owning their own business is a good candidate.